White Sands National Park

Our Story

Well, my side of the story…

I remember a lot about the time I met Jessie. It was 2009 and it may have been my first official day on campus at UNCW as a freshman. My parents had already left and my dorm room was coming together. The rest of Galloway Hall was starting to settle down as well...

2017 - Hanoi, Vietnam

First stop in Hanoi, the proclaimed, "Obama restaurant" where the late Anthony Bourdain shared a meal with the aforementioned President Obama. They had the Hanoi specialty, Bún Chả.

2019 - White Mountains, NH

Marveling at the foliage midway through a hike in the White Mountains in New Hampshire after a friend's wedding.

2020 - Raleigh, NC

Our first foster dog, Lily. Beautiful, well trained, and quickly adopted. Fostering dogs kept us sane during the lockdown period of the pandemic.

Brooklyn half marathon
2021 - Brooklyn, NY

Our first, and possibly last, half marathon in BK!

2022 - Cary, NC

Had to include little Wesley! My adorable nephew who we are grateful to have in our lives.

2017 - Ninh Binh, Vietnam

On a boat tour with our friend Mr. Huy in Ninh Binh. The area is known for its majestic landscape and caves. Several movies have been filmed here, including King Kong.

2019 - San Francisco, CA

Traveling with The Gwangju Crew in SF. Shoutout to London, LA, and Auckland!!

2019 - Orlando, FL

Christmas at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Pro tip - get to the Hagrid ride as soon as the gates open and then chill and have a cold butter beer.

2020 - Raleigh, NC

Our second foster dog and eventual foster fail, Queen Eve Kinsington. A senior German shepherd husky mix who had a traumatic life but still a heart of gold. She's been a part of our family for over 2 years.

Camping in Umstead with Eve
Nguyen family dinner
2022 - Woodbridge, VA

Nguyen family dinner after Amanda's wedding

2017 - Sa Pa, Vietnam

Exploring the northwestern mountains in Sa Pa. It was a misty and damp couple of days however, we trekked through mountainous terrain to get an up-close view of the rice field terraces in the amazing Muong Hoa Valley.

2019 - San Francisco, CA

Marufuku Ramen in Japantown with Tony!

2020 - Mexico City, MX

Tacos in Mexico City before our 4 week long Spanish immersion program in Puebla, MX.

2022 - Raleigh, NC

You already know what it is! A surprise proposal to cap off our 5th year anniversary weekend. Jessie blacked out, which is good, because I was nervous and stumbling all over my words. Long story short - she said yes lol

2017 - Da Nang, Vietnam

Just a couple of Mensches cuttin' it up at a temple in Da Nang.

2019 - Homestead, FL

Escaping the city. Camping way out at Flamingo Campground. The ocean is right beyond the tree line!

2020 - Puebla, MX

Home of the tacos al pastor, Puebla was where we called home for 4 weeks. This little joint, Carboncito, was a local neighborhood favorite. Dinner only and get it while it lasts

Eve with a fish
2018 - Miami, FL

After doing a year of long distance, we moved in together in Miami, FL. Got to cross off a bucket list item - biking to work! For over two years!!

2020 - Puebla, MX

A hidden, no-sign alley way memelas stand. For lunch only - four ladies with homemade masa, your choice of toppings, and a line of hungry guests. Limón con frecuencia

Sue's 60th birthday
2020 - Charlotte, NC

Sue's unforgettable 60th birthday! Brewery hopping in a limo around Charlotte.

Jess in Chicago
2022 - Chicago, IL

Chicago trip with the Miami ladies!