Jessie and Bi are married at White Sands National Park

Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to our marriage and community celebration site!

Here, we’re going to explain what we’re doing, where we’re doing it, and why. But before we do, we would like to thank you for being a part of our lives. Whether we have expressed it to you or not, we want you to know that your friendship, love, and support is so important to us both individually and as the community foundation for our family...

Washington D.C.












Our Plan

Miami, FL


Oh Miami! Our last home and a place that will forever have a space in our hearts. From the heart of Little Haiti to the bakery in Wynwood that was Jess’ second home. It makes sense that this is where Jess chose to kick off her celebration with a wonderful and supportive group of ladies who kept regular check-ins during the pandemic and who she has learned so much from. Thank you all for making this a spectacular weekend!

White Sands National Park, NM


There’s no more magical place in a state nicknamed, “The Land of Enchantment” than White Sands National Park. Known for having unparalleled sunsets, the gypsum crystal dessert became a national park in 2019. The park contains several hiking trails, picnic areas, camping areas, and guests are even allowed to sled down the sand dunes! Our plan is to have our ceremony and take photos around sunset to capture this unforgettable moment in time. It’s remote, gorgeous, unique, and the sacred location where we will officially be married.

Wrightsville Beach, NC


This is where it all started for me. All of it. Four years away from home at a university by the ocean. This is where I made life-long friends, discovered my love for food, and met a special someone named Jessica Schultz. I’m bringing the band back together! You can look us up. We’re called “The Goon Squad”. It’s guaranteed to be a weekend full of ocean-front views, debauchery, indulgence, pizza, tacos, and intense arguing over if Eli Manning is elite.

Asheville, NC


With the Schultz / Lapriorie family and friends in tow, we thought a destination that you would plan a trip to anyways was in order. Asheville is a spot we love visiting for the art, funky vibe, craft everything, and of course those beautiful mountains. Since we will have people coming from different states, this is an awesome spot to drift down a river with a beverage, explore an old mansion, hike a mountain, or bop around the eclectic downtime with shops and breweries.

Washington D.C.


For reasons I have yet to fully understand, Vietnam is a food-obsessed country. My family in particular gathers, shares, and loves being around food - our food. That's why we chose this restaurant, Little Saigon, and a 9 course, family-style meal to be the foundation of which this celebration weekend is built upon. We will also have come-and-go events in Rock Creek Park with food, drinks, hammocks, cornhole, a scavenger hunt, and relay obstacle course where the winning team gets their tab covered for the recreation of Jessie’s Infamous DC Bar Crawl!